Powering through FFX HD and am at Seymour V.3

I always get stuck at him whenever I play, but I’m determined to get past him this time. I have unique builds for Yuna and Kimahri that have been proving useful. I’ve gotten about 30 hours in 3 days, I’ll keep yall posted.






Dont call yourself an egalitarian if you do not support the LGBT+ community. Dont even call yourself an anti-feminist, just call yourself a bigot and delete your Tumblr.

I fail to see how supporting the LGBBQ%&@+ is correlated to…

Well, being an anti feminist doesn’t necessarily mean someone is pro equality, it just means they’re against feminism. I get that a lot of people are anti feminist because they’re pro equality, but some are legitimately misogynists who don’t like feminism at all.

and that is why I dont want anything to do with people who are not pro equality.